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99 deja CONTROL (99 loses CONTROL)

Ecritores: (Writers): William Raynor y Myles Wilder; Director: Bruce Bilson

Las mejores escenas (The best scenes)

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99 Loses Control
Airdate: Saturday, February 17, 1968, 8:30 PM
Casino owner Victor Royal proposes to 99 and she accepts, resigning from CONTROL. Max, unable to control himself, goes to work for Royal as his bodyguard and discovers that Royal is a KAOS agent. In this episode, 99 states her name to be Susan Hilton. While many trivia quizzes list this as 99's real name, at the end of the episode, 99 states that it's a cover name and not her real name.  (Resumen in English by Carl Byrkmeyer)

99 deja CONTROL para casarse con Bruno Rey, un dueño de un casino en la isla de St. Germain, Max va la sigue para asegurarse que 99 hace lo correcto, pero pronto descubren que el elegante y amable Sr. Rey es un agente de KAOS.

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